Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Just accept that this is going to be different, and in the opposite direction you are likely currently thinking.  Just let that knowledge sink in.  I've been working on this for literally months, largely in parallel with the megamix.  Enjoy =]

Also: it loops.

Tracklist Below
Sphera - Being Realized (Human Element Remix)
Mindwave - Deepest Thoughts
Atmos - Soundglider (Human Element Remix)
Human Element - Subsequent Connection (Atmos Remix)
Cyrus & Dr. Hoffman - The Thing
Tymek - Hot Coffee (Overdose Remix)
Frechbax - Deepwater Horizon
Tristan - Bombscare (Perfect Stranger's Large Vagator Mix)
One Night Stand - Melting Point

J&B Project - Heavy Prophet (Sensual Squeak Remix)
Soniq Vision - Special Universe

Retno - Twisted Cat Dance
Space Hypnose - Live My Dreams
Sphera - Being Realized (Human Element Remix)

1 comment:

  1. Been listening and loving it for a couple years now... thanks for all the journeys! Keep doing what you are doing.