Tuesday, July 3, 2012

This mix is different.  It doesn't sound different (it actually is a lot like u²), but the big difference is in the flow.  This is a meditative mix.  It is designed to be put on repeat.  The first song and the last song are the same.  The beginning of the mix is in the middle of a breakdown, and the end of the mix is the same song, going down into the same breakdown.  I'd love to hear how you feel about this concept (and execution).  Please post below on your thoughts and I would love to hear what your favorite mixes are and WHY they are your favorite mix.  

Since we are nearing the end of mx2, I'd like to tell you a little more about my up coming plans.  Obviously z² is next.  It will most definitely be trance.  It will likely be as fast or faster than h² but it will focus on a happy mood.  After that, I want to do a "collaboration" with you, my listeners.  I'll start by posting 3 songs as possible intros.  You will get to vote on which of the 3 songs you like most.  From there, I'll find 3 more songs that follow the winner.  I'll post the mix (which at that point will only have 2 tracks).  Every week or so, there will be an update with 3 mixes, and the only difference is the last track.  You will vote and guide this mix.  While that is going on, I'll be working on the mx2 megamix in the background.  

There's a lot going on in my life (like moving and finding a job), so please be patient.  My promise to you is that I won't quit and I will always deliver quality.  Mx3 is just around the corner and will be comprised of more of the same.  I expect to continue doing trance, house, electro and I definitely intend on doing more drum and bass.  I hope you like the variety!

Below is the y² tracklist.  You need to highlight the big white space to reveal it.  I highly encourage listening with out looking at tracklists though.  

Matt Lange - Nutclap
Matador - Klay
Max Cooper - Simplexity (Rone Remix)
Tom Glass - Empty Bottles
Matthew Dekay & Lee Burridge - Lost in A Moment
16 Bit Lolitas & Lucy Iris - Overboard Underwater
Jody Wisternoff - 95
P8 & Answer42 - Aria
Solarstone - Intravenous (Konektiv Epicentric Mix)
Max Cooper - Raw (Marc Romboy S. Sub Attack Remix)
Matt Lange - Nutclap

1 comment:

  1. I really like the looping idea! Especially how you did it: splitting a song like that is brilliant.

    As for favorite mixes, just off the top of my head I'd probably have to say that mx e, mx q, mx u, mx g2+m2 (I think the 2 hour version is better than the sum of its parts), mx n2, mx q2, mx w2 probably make up my "Rkls' Bst Hts" list.

    For me, I'm a big fan of diversity and the "journey" of the song, and these songs especially felt like really amazing journeys. I'm also a big fan of female voices or "chime-y tinkly" noises, so there's a lot of that factoring into my picks as well.