Thursday, July 14, 2011

OOOOO this is one tasty mix. A blast of summer and warm fresh bass with beautiful synthetic instruments playing melodies on top. Smooth transitions and an epic finish. A few songs are a tad older (over 6 months) but I think the energy flow you get from them is totally worth it. The start and finish is similar to the last mix, but the stuff in the middle is quite different. Enjoy!

Daniel Szabo - At The Break of Day
Mat Zo - Superman
Dezza - I Wonder
Oliver Smith - Chordplay (Duderstadt Progressive Mix)
Lentos - Forget About Us (Tydi Remix)
Ashley Wallbridge - Jynx
Protoculture feat Shannon Hurley - Sun Gone Down
Radion 6 - Gizmo
MIKE vs Ben Nickey - Spring break (MIKES Progressive retake)
Nektarios - Invisible Walls (Dennis Sheperd Dub Remix)
Andain - Promises (Nitrous Oxide Remix)


  1. it'd be awesome if you could provide cue files and cover art. :~)

  2. woops. i forgot to add...

    i just listened to H² on i couldn't find it listed on your page. :~(

    do you have that one avlbl for download too? :~D

  3. n + o + p + q = 4 hours of happyness