Tuesday, February 15, 2011

J² released!!

Here is the second mix of the chill set.  This being the most chill of the 3.  J² is with out a doubt, the slowest mix I've ever made (...well...finished).  I quite enjoy this one.  It starts off super ambient and transitions into a very chill song (which I would say falls in the genre Deep Trance cause it is definitely not house) which has a great deep humming bass, so I hope your listening device can get deep.  Do take note: laptop speakers will make this song sound like trash (but they make everything sound like trash so I guess thats not relevant).  After that, the mix moves towards a darker tone for a little bit, then finds another peaceful sound around the 30 minute mark.  I'll let you decide where it goes after that.   Anyway, the tracklist is below, highlight to view...or don't cause mixes are more interesting if you don't judge them based on the artists I use.  I mean seriously, the context is nearly as important as the quality of the song itself. Ok, seriously, tracklist time

Consolectrl - Dream
From Tokyo With Love - Our Hearts Left in the Garden of Silence (Kobana Remix)
Stephen J. Kroos - Reperfusion
Lee Jones - Closed Circus (Mark Henning Remix)
Kris Wadsworth - Crush
Philip Arruda - An Old House
Addex - Heart Opacity (The Disclosure Project Remix)
Maxxa - Out of Tune Piano
James Silk - Voices (Vick Echo Remix)
Graham Good - I Dream of You (Max Mason Remix)

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