Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hello again to everyone!  This weekend I've got yet another mix for your ears to absorb.  It's been quite a cloudy, rainy, cold and just in general, BLEH here where I live.  This mix is quite the opposite.  Starts out with an IDM song by Tycho (he also made the intro to mx - L).  I won't spoil the rest but I will say that this is pure trance.  Enjoy!

Tycho - Coastal Brake
BT & Andrew Bayer - The Emergency
Art - Twilight Tonight (Arty Remode)
Evgeny Bardyuzha - Point of No Return
Funabashi - Daylight (Estiva 2010 Remix)
Max Graham - Dusky 2010 (Does She Know Yet)
Filo & Peri feat Audrey Gallagher - This Night (Max Graham Remix)
Alpha Duo & James Kitcher feat Emma Lock - Beautiful Dream (Chase Costello Remix)
Progressiver - Marina

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