Friday, June 18, 2010

Mgmx 1 Released!!!!

After working on the 'mx' series for 18 months, it was finally finished with the release of Z. Now, to celebrate and to look back on the past 26 studio mixes, I present to you: mgmx 1. This is a 3 hour megamix that burns through 111 songs. These are the best and brightest of my entire series of mixes, along with some other songs I didn't use before just to keep things fresh. Behind this mix is over 200 hours of work over the course of 6 months. This is the final result.

Part of my goal with this mix was to make it a roller coaster that moves you into different places through careful pacing and song selection. You'll find it is split into 3 chunks, each further split into smaller segments of style. The first hour is very progressive and keeps it smooth and soft. You'll get to hear tunes like Never Fade Away, Pacific, To The Six, Anjunabeach, Punta Del Este and Milano. The second hour is a bit more techy. Here is where you will find tunes like Alligator Fuckhouse, Daisy, Inside Me and Mongoosed. The last hour is built on massive uplifting tunes and banging heavy tunes. Tunes like Lunar Diamond, Irufushi, Dark Heart Waiting, And We Flew Away and Blue Skies (Temple One Remix). But don't worry, I didn't spoil the best tunes in each hour. I hope you'll deny yourself from looking at the tracklist and give it a listen and find what the mix has in store with your ears rather than your eyes.
Most of all though, I hope you enjoy it :)

These are on a part of my rapidshare account called "traffic share." That means they should download really fast and you can download all 3 at once even though its rapidshare. You can thank vrokok for this :)

These links here are individual mp3 files, each is an hour long and are meant to be played back to back (that means they have very abrupt openings and endings).

Part 1 as a single mp3.
Part 2 as a single mp3.
Part 3 as a single mp3.

These 3 are rar files that, when unpacked, will give you the entire mix as a single mp3. You NEED all 3 parts for it to unpack successfully.

Part 1 of the full mix (winrar required)
Part 2 of the full mix (winrar required)
Part 3 of the full mix (winrar required)

Download winrar here (it's free).

Tracklist: The text here is white because I think you should listen to the mix before you look at this. If you do want to look though, just high light this huge "empty" space below and it will reveal the tracklist.

Sebastian Ingrosso - Kidsos

tyDi - Good Dream (Barnes & Heatcliff Remix)
Wippenberg - Pong (Extended Mix)
Jaytech - Sundance
Signalrunners - Meet Me In Montauk
Second Life - Supernatural (Darone Remix)
Stoneface & Terminal - St Francis Foley (Club Mix)
The Blizzard & Omnia - Metanoia (Dennis Sheperd Remix)
Andy Tau - Lost
Boom Jinx & Jaytech - Milano
Anhken & Adrian - That One Moment (Arty Remix)
Evgeny Bardyuzha - Selena
Statica - Bittersweet Nightshade
Christian Weber - Electronic Love (Club Mix)
M6 - Byte Me
Boom Jinx & Andrew Bayer - To The Six
Andain - Beautiful Things (Dave Robertson Remix)
Solarity - DNA
Blake Jarrell - Punta Del Este (Beach Mix)
Foyle & Sparx - Chords Of Life
Sunlounger - White Sand (DJ Shah's Original)
John O'Callaghan Feat Lo-Fi Sugar - Never Fade Away (Andy Duguid Remix)
Cosmic Gate feat. Emma Hewitt - Not Enough Time (Andy Duguid Remix)
Solarity - Laika (Arty Remix)
Nic Chagall Featuring Jonathan Mendelsohn - This Moment
Deadmau5 - Strobe
Wippenberg - Chakalaka
Sergei Shkuroff - Drakkar (Anton Sonin Remix)
Public Domain - Operation Blade 2009 (Dean Newton Mix)
Simon Patterson - Different Feeling
Mr Sam Feat clAud9 - Cygnes
Oliver Smith - Pacific
Andy Duguid - Neremiah
Timmy & Tommy - Ascension
Oliver Smith - Restless (Signalrunners Remix)
Ashley Wallbridge - Harmonies
Jaco - Unreachable
Arnej - Dust In The Wind
Daniel Heatcliff - Phoenix
Above & Beyond - Anjunabeach (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix)
D.E.R. - Little World
Urban Astronauts Feat. Kate Louise Smith - See The Sun (Aurosonic Remix)
Andy Tau - Hidden Message (Pamuya Remix)
Eleven Five - Assignment 16
RB - Insider (Jonas Stenberg Remix)
M6 - The Flow (Skytech Remix)
Purple Haze - Bliksem
Evgeny Bardyuzha - Bass Surfer
Dakota - Koolhaus (Skytech Progressive Mix)
W&W vs. Jonas Stenberg - Alligator Fuckhouse
M6 - Ultimatum
Andy Moor - Fake Awake
Mat Zo - The Fractal Universe
Eric Shaw - Kill My Pain
Tiesto - Kaleidoscope (Feat. Jonsi)
Skytech - Comet
Marcus Schossow & Robert Burian - Kofola (Jochen Miller Remix)
Electrixx - Tetris
Sergey Tkachev - Alien & Butterfly
Arnej - They Need Us (Club Edit)
Yuri Kane - Right Back
Leon Bolier & Marcus Schossow - 2099
Sander Van Doorn - Daisy
Sander Van Doorn - Renegade (Cristian Ketelaars Rework)
Arnej - Strangers We Have Become (Tech Dub Mix)
Rank 1 - L.E.D. There Be Light
Marcel Woods - Inside Me
Rank 1 - Symfo
Progresia - Galandia
Stoneface & Terminal - Don't Give A Fuck
Jochen Miller - Brace Yourself
Marco V - Simulated 2010
Oryon - V2
Sander Van Dien - Aurora
Space Rockerz - Weather The Storm (Daniel Wanrooy Remix)
Sied Van Riel - Mongoosed
Sander van Doorn - Ninety
Above & Beyond vs. Mr. Pit - Shana Can't Sleep (Black Castle Mashup)
Super8 & Tab - Irufushi
Anhken & Adrian - Intuition
Super8 & DJ Tab - Helsinki Scorchin
Statica - Deadly Nightshade (Phynn Remix)
Scott Mac - Damager 02 (Mac Zimms Remix)
Georgia - Ode To '99
Waterspark - Fairway (Monogato Remix)
First State feat. Sarah Howells - Brave
ATA - Blue Skies (Temple One Remix)
Menno De Jong & Leon Bolier - Last Light Tonight
Nitrous Oxide feat. Aneym - Far Away
Leon Bolier - Lunar Diamond
Rex Mundi - Techanza (Haunted Mix)
Sean Tyas - Seven Weeks
Push - Dream Designer (8 Wonders Remix)
Solar Movement - Eclipse (Mat Zo Remix)
Way Out West - The Fall (Richard Durand Remix)
Rafael Frost - Flashback
Markus Schulz feat. Khaz - Dark Heart Waiting (Jochen Miller Remix)
Ali Wilson - Pandora
Lemon & Einar K - Anticipation
Filo & Peri feat. Aruna - Ashley (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix)
Sunny Lax - Reborn (Nitrous Oxide Remix)
DJ Shah feat. Adrina Thorpe - Back To You (Aly & Fila Remix)
Bart Claessen - Playmo (1st Play)
W&W - D.N.A.
DJ Eco - People (Rafael Frost Remix)
DJ Eco - And We Flew Away
Gaia - Tuvan
Daniel Wanrooy - To The Horizon And Back (Ron van den Beuken Remix)
Max Graham feat. Neev Kennedy - Sun In The Winter (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix)
Simon Patterson - Bulldozer
Bart Claessen & Dave Schiemann - Madness (I Prefer This Mix)

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  1. Thank you for this wonderful gift. I'll support it on my Podcast soon, found it on TranceMix101 ;)

    Very Great Trance Megamix... More people should know this one!